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Carnelian • Orange Calcite • Jade (Nephrite) • Clear Quartz

  • Aids to balance emotions, remove fear & overcome depression

  • Ability to change ideas into action

  • Support with self-confidence, trusting self & perceptions

  • Support to heal reproductive system, gallbladder, IBS, remove mucous from system

  • Overall immune system supporter

  • Encourages regulating metabolism, digestion & elimination

  • Aids in bringing clarity & awareness

  • Can aid with female reproduction & fertility/fridgity & impotence

  • Support with low back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia & depression

  • Can aid in protection

  • Can aid in emotional healing, balancing emotions and support when going through difficult times

  • Can support harmonizing of brain, nerves, glands & hormones

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