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Black Shungite • Clear Quartz


❖ Earthy & anti-geopathogenic stone

❖ Clears mental & emotional pollutants encouraging the development of fresh patterns

❖ Encourages keeping wisdom of past & applying to present to create new future

❖ Powerful immune system influencer

❖ Eliminates EMF (Electro-magnetic frequencies) and other vibrational emissions from energy systems

❖ Rapidly absorbs negative energy & pollutants - pesticides, free radicals, bacteria

❖ Powerful detoxifier; antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine

❖ Restores emotional equilibrium

❖ Assists cellular metabolism, neurotransmitters, immune, digestive &  filtration systems

Clear Quartz 

❖ Clarity, awareness
❖ Strengthens perception, attentiveness, 

memory & understanding
❖ Distribution of energy
❖ Lowers high temperatures
❖ Alleviates pain
❖ Harmonizes brain, nerves, glands & 

❖ Increases effects of other crystals
❖ Master healer
❖ Harmonizes all chakras & aligns subtle 


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