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Guiding Individuals To Become More Clear & Excited About Creating An Even Better Life For Themselves.

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1:1 Sessions

Offering Access Bars, Energetic Facelift, Body Processes, Massage Therapy, combined with a unique energy of a symphony of Possibilities,  allows you to let go of begins to shift and create space for the life you deserve.

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Start your own journey to help others heal and learn simple yet powerful hands-on techniques to  support others in transitioning through change with grace and ease.

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The authority or power to do something.


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About Jacquie

I have always been that person who loves to help others. Guiding and empowering others towards finding more ease, enjoyment and a desire for more is what totally lights me up. It is a beautiful gift to witness someone move past their limiting beliefs or ideas that have kept them from experiencing the life that they have always desired.

Part of my limiting beliefs of feeling like I was different than everyone else held me back until I finally was able to acknowledge how curious I was and how different I saw the world than most. My curiosity led me to learning many different modalities; Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Unwinding the Belly, Touch for Health, Yoga Nidra, Life Coaching and Restorative Yoga.  Each modality added another layer of healing for me to take to my Massage Therapy practice of over 20 years. 

It wasn’t until coming across Access Consciousness that everything really came into place. This modality changed my world and began to open things up for me in a way I have never experienced before. It was a space where what I knew that the way I saw things was a gift, and the uniqueness of me and everyone else was something to be truly celebrated. It is my passion to empower others to begin to see the same is real and true for you, if you choose it.


What would it be like if you could truly BE all of who you are, what and how would you create differently in your life?


I offer support and guidance to individuals who are looking to become more clear and want to create an even better life for themselves, however that may look.​


What Clients Are Saying


I absolutely loved my session with Jacquie! I was surprised at how quick it was to discover the beliefs that were holding me back, and how easy it was to clear them. The session left me feeling expanded, open, and ready to move forward!



I was in a position of making some very important, life changing decisions. My access bar appointment with Jacqueline calmed my frazzled overactive mind and brought immediate clarity and calmness to the situation. I highly recommend an Access Bar treatment, the changes it brings out on a personal level are nothing less then amazing!!

-D Chorney


The Bars class has awakened me to a new modality of expanding consciousness, and awareness of new possibilities. Jacquie is such a hospitable, patient, and fun Facilitator!

- P DeLucas


Things that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.



Let's chat about possibilities to increase productivity, connection and decrease stress.

Workplace Wellness

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Have questions about my offerings? Would love to hear from you.

Phone: 306.537.7238
Regina, SK  

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