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Workplace Wellness


Is your business struggling with motivation, team work, stress, productivity  etc.     


Let's chat about possibilities to increase productivity, connection and decrease stress.


Learn more below about how your workplace can benefit!

"To help celebrate mental health wellness, we invited Jacquie to our office to perform mini bars sessions with our staff. 


We set up a private room for these half hour one-on-ones.  Initially our staff was leery and confused by this unknown practice, but after the session, everyone left feeling lighter and more relaxed! 


The feedback was great and several of them asked for us to do it again. 


As an owner, it is really tricky to identify mental health wellness and where your staff is at with their mental state, so this was an easy no-brainer for us…no questions asked and Jacquie comes in, brings everything necessary and performs her magic.  We need to pick a date for the next one!"



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