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The authority or power to do something.


Having the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

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About Us

About Jacquie

I have always been that person who loves to help others. Guiding and empowering others towards their dreams is my purpose in life. I get so excited when I see someone move past their limiting beliefs or ideas that have kept them from experiencing the life that they have always desired.

I was in the accounting field for 6 years before admitting how stuck I felt. I felt that I was "too old to go back to school" and yet "too young to do something the rest of my life that I didn’t love". Once I opened my mind to the idea of "what would I be doing if nothing else mattered?", Massage Therapy showed up for me in 1997.

Working as a therapist has been a great experience and I have grown so much from each course I took over the years. I began to realize that we tend to view tight shoulders as 'stressed' or knotted stomachs as 'being anxious or nervous'. I found myself asking what happens to worry or fear or limiting thought patterns or beliefs that no longer serve us, how do they show up in the physical body? 

I started to approach my clients and my treatments in a different way. I noticed with curiosity and asking questions, things would often soften and shift.

All of this has lead me to a variety of trainings; Craniosacral Therapy, Touch for Health, Unwinding the Belly, becoming a Reiki Master, Life Coaching with Ellen White, Matrix Energetics, Restorative Yoga Certification, Yoga Nidra, and Access Consciousness (Access Bars Facilitator, Body Processes Facilitator, and Energetic Facelift Facilitator).

I am sharing my lessons and experiences thus far, as I support and guide individuals to become more clear and excited about creating an even better life for themselves, however that may look.​ 

What others think

I was in a position of making some very important, life changing decisions. My access bar appointment with Jacqueline calmed my frazzled overactive mind and brought immediate clarity and calmness to the situation. I highly recommend an Access Bar treatment, the changes it brings out on a personal level are nothing less then amazing!!

- D Chorney

The clearing statements have helped me to shed so much baggage that I didn't even know I was carrying!! I've also been playing with "All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory" 10 times morning and night, as well as throughout the day. This has been so powerful for me! I have come to realize how true this statement is, and life feels so much less complicated now. I'm seeing the results of letting go of the need to control every aspect of it.
I even received an offer from a business owner to use space in her building for my Reiki / Access practice!! Its perfect for me!

Thank you Jacquie for guiding me past my own limiting beliefs, and for showing me how to start living in the happiness that is always available to me! You have a wonderful gift of knowing how to share your insight with others, and I am so grateful for that

-P Swanson

The Bars class has awakened me to a new modality of expanding consciousness, and awareness of new possibilities. Jacquie is such a hospitable, patient, and fun Facilitator!

- P DeLucas



Phone: 306.537.7238
Regina, SK  

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